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We don't only sell Jewelry, we bring the Land, the history and the Bible to you

All items in our store are now on sale and have a discount (these are the prices displayed below next to each item). Especially for groups, all items below will have an additional 15% discount on top of existing discounts.

When you use the discount coupon on the card you are holding, you will receive an additional 15% discount on top of the existing discount on selected items.

Discount will be applied at checkout after you put your coupon code and will apply only to items on this special sale (see below for list of items).


Nano Bible Jewelry

Jesus Boat Jewelry

Botanical Jewelry

Price after discount does not include shipping, as long as you will get the items before you leave Israel. If we need to ship the items to you, there will be an additional cost for shipping, standard or express per your choice. Separate payment request for the shipping will be sent to you before we ship the items.

We strongly recommend you to order as soon as possible, so we can make sure you will get it before you leave Israel and save the shipping.

Discount coupon is limited in time, valid only during the dates of the group (see on the card you are holding)