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Independence Day

Thursday, April 15, 2021 is the 73rd Independence Day for Israel. Lots of times, when touring Israel during Memorial Day and Independence Day, we try to explain about the transformation from a day of sadness, a day when the entire nation remembers the fallen soldiers, into a day of happiness, when we celebrate the existence and independence of the State of Israel.

How can you move from extreme sadness into happiness?

One of the ways to explain it, is that thanks to the fallen soldiers, thanks to these who gave up their lives for Israel, we are able to celebrate and be happy.

Sadness and happiness are tied together, this is Israel in short.

This year, on Independence Day, we will remember the fallen soldiers and we will be happy that we are here, strong, and here to stay.

Happy 73rd Independence Day Israel!

Some facts about Israel in 2021, 73 years old:

9,327 million people 6,894 million Jews (73.9%) 1,966 million Arabs (21.1%) 467 thousands others (5%)

Since last Independence day (2020), Israel grew with 137,000 people (1.5%), 167,000 babies were born, 16,300 new immigrants arrives to Israel and about 50,000 people died.

When Israel was established in 1948, there were 806,000 people in Israel, around 82.1% Jews and 17.9% Arabs.

Towards the 100th independence day of Israel (in 2048) we expect the population to be around 15.2 million people.

Read an article here in The Jerusalem Post about Jewish population at lowest percentage since founding of Israel

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