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Israeli doctor uses tiny, robot ‘hands’ to untrap ureter - no blood loss

A doctor at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus, Petah Tikva, has used – for the first time in Israel – a da Vinci robot to perform the complex surgery of untrapping a man’s ureter from behind his vena cava – the largest vein in the body which carries blood to the heart from other areas.

Last month, a 41-year-old patient checked in to Beilinson suffering from the effects of a retrocaval ureter, a ureter that abnormally encircles the inferior vena cava. Only one in 1,500 people are born with this deformity, which worsens over decades until it eventually leads to sepsis.

A retrocaval ureter passes behind the large vein instead of in front of or next to it. The only way to cure the person is to perform a complex operation to move the ureter.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

Read the rest of the article here

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