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This beautiful ring with dried flowers inside and around, is made of 14K gold plated silver with UV Resin and dried local flowers from the Upper Galilee area in Israel. Botanical brand inspired by nature, handmade by a local artist, made of 14K gold plated silver, UV resin and flowers collected in the area.

​When you choose to get this item, you get a beautiful piece of Israeli jewelry. It literally connects you with the Holy land. A precious choice for a gift, it is a unique type of Israeli jewelry that is sure to be admired and enjoyed long term.


A perfect gift for someone special from the Holy land. 


This line of Jewelry, AB Jewelries, is made by Alexandra Budovsky, a local artist living in the Upper Galilee area of Israel, just above the Sea of Galilee, Alexandra is Russian born, came to Israel at a young age, and since then lives in the Upper Galilee area and creates different types of Jewelry. Her love for flowers led her to create a jewelry and gift line using botanicals and resin. Her jewelry and gift items feature flowers that are pressed and preserved by her (and many are grown and harvested from her Upper Galilee garden). She uses these flowers in her designs.


This entire line is made of UV resin, together with 925 sterling silver or gold plated. Each item is unique, no two items are alike, it is handmade and Alexandra uses local flowers she picks up from the hills and mountains of Galilee and dry before using them in jewelry.


What a great connection to the land, to the landscapes of Israel and to the Bible !


Technical details:

* UV resin with silver plated with 14K mat color gold and flowers.
* Item size: Ring comes in US size 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9

* Items will be supplied in a box

* Please expect slight differences than shown on photo since items are handmade and no two items are alike.


Get it now for you or for these you love.

14K Gold plated silver ring with real and dried flowers from the Holy Land

SKU: AB-R 10036-1
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