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This beautiful genuine Roman bronze coin (Widow's Mite), mounted in 925 sterling silver, will be a great gift from our collection.


​When you choose to get this item, you have a beautiful and authentic piece from the land of Israel. It is a symbolic and literal connection with the Bible.

A perfect gift for someone special from the Holy land. 

From archeological excavatons we know that the vast majority of bronze coins circulating in Jerusalem in the lifetime of Jesus were the Jewish lepton or prutot, minted from the time of the Maccabean Kings till Pontius Pilate. We consider that any small Jewish bronze coin, struck before Crucifixion can be legitimately called a "Widow's Mite"


"And there came a certain poor widow and she threw in two mkites ..." (Mark 12)

Technical details:


* Genuine bronze coin mounted in 925 sterling silver

* Item size: 0.4 inch (1.1 cm)

* Item comes with a 925 sterling silver chain, 18 inches (45.7 cm) length
* Items will be supplied in a box with a certificate of authenticity

Get it now for you or for these you love.

Roman coin silver pendant, Widows Mites, 925 sterling silver with a chain

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