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 Nano Bible Jewelry

Carry the entire Old or New Testament in a piece of Jewelry.

In partnership with TowerJazz Semiconductor and a team of nano scientists and engineers, we are able to bring to you the world’s smallest Bible.

Lithographed onto a 5mm silicon surface, this advanced nano-printing technology makes it possible to have the entire Old Testament (in Hebrew) and/or New Testament (in Greek) embedded into each piece of jewelry to carry with you wherever you go.

Choose from a wide variety of faith charms and pendants uniquely designed around the micron-sized Bible to serve as a symbol of your faith and an opportunity to share your faith with others.


 The Fish Pendant 

The Greek word for “fish” is ichthys, which is the name given to this two-arc symbol as first-century Christians made an acrostic from the word to represent “Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter,” i.e. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.


Ancient Christians under Roman persecution would use this fish symbol to identify themselves to others in secret and to mark meeting places and tombs of fellow Christians. As one ancient story goes, when a Christian met a stranger on the road, the Christian would draw one arc into the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company.


Today, this symbol is widely used as a modern icon of Christianity and can be seen on clothing and jewelry as well as in home decor and car decals to signify one’s faith.