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Kosher Shofar

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A Shofar is a natural instrument made from animal horn that has been in use since Biblical times. The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible. It was a shofar blast that emanated from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai and made the Israelites tremble in awe (Exodus 19-20). The shofar was used the announce holidays (Psalms 81:4), to sound in the New Year (Leviticus 7:9), in procession with the Ark of the Covenant (II Samuel 6:15), to signify war (Joshua 6:4, Judges 3:27), and just as a beautiful musical instrument (Psalms 98:6, 47:5).

Yemenite shofars can be quite spectacular; they are elongated spirals in shape and have a deep resonance which some liken to an echo off a mountain. They are made from the kudu. The kudu is a large antelope with long curled horns. The Yemenite Shofar has an interesting history. The Jews of Yemen (a country on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula) had no access to the horns from rams. Therefore, to make shofars and fulfill the mitzvahs of sounding the shofar, horns from the kudu were brought from Africa. These were brought across the narrow Bab el-Mandeb Strait. The kudu fulfilled the standards for making a kosher shofar.

Our Yemenite Shofars are Israeli products and are of the highest quality and 100% kosher. A kosher shofar has been properly cleaned and is contaminate free, as supervised by the Israel Rabbinical Council.

Shofar can come with 3 different levels of finish:

Polished: The husk, the rugged texture of the horn, is removed and it is polished to a lovely sheen.
Half-Polished: Along the length of the shofar half of the husk, the rugged texture of the horn, is removed and polished. The remainder of the husk is cleaned and left intact with minor sanding.
Natural: The husk, the rugged texture of the horn, is cleaned and left intact with only minor sanding.

The size of the shofar is determined by measuring outside around the spiral, not the overall length. This particular shofar is made of the horns of a Kudu, it is more than 80 cm long (more than 32 inches) and it has a very high quality and finish.

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