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40 years after Israeli strike, Iraq looks to build nuclear reactors

Some 40 years after the Israeli airstrike on Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor, Iraq is expressing interest in building eight nuclear reactors in order to keep up with rising energy demands in the country.

Kamal Hussain Latif, chairman of the Iraqi Radioactive Sources Regulatory Authority, told Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik on Tuesday that Iraq planned to build eight nuclear reactors to provide 25% of the electricity in the country in 2030. Latif acknowledged that it may take longer to finish all eight reactors and that the number could change.

The exchange deal would allow a large number of Palestinians to be vaccinated months earlier than planned.

Latif confirmed that the Russian state corporation Rosatom would implement the project to build the nuclear reactors. Iraq plans to seek $40 billion in loans in order to carry out the project.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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