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Holocaust Memorial Day

Coming Thursday, April 8, is when we remember the 6 million victims of the Holocaust, murdered by the Nazis during second world war.

Always when we tour Israel, Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, is a big important part of our trip. Everyone must visit and learn about the Holocaust, in order to remember and never forget, and make sure something like this will never happen again.

Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel is an important day. As a nation, we realize that if the Nazi plan would work, there wouldn't be any Jews left in the world, so every Jew who exist today, in Israel or outside of Israel, sees himself as a Holocaust survivor.

Big part of last year in high school is dedicated to learning about the Holocaust. These kids will finish their last year of school and will join the army (in Israel, everyone goes to the army right from high school for 3 years, boys and girls), they need to know what they fight, why are we here in this country and how come we feel responsible for Jews outside of Israel. There is one answer to all of that - the Holocaust.

And so, last year of school, most kids will go (as part of school) to visit the camps in Poland

Below, watch a short video where I explain few things about this important day

In the year 2011, when my older daughter was a senior in high school, I went with them to visit the camps in Poland. I wrote a blog about my trip, images, videos, sounds from that journey, a journey that impacted me very much


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