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Is the Sea of Galilee's recent water level rise dangerous?

While rising water levels is monumental, Israel turns to desalination as its source for drinking water, and the lake’s water quality has taken the forefront of environmental concerns.

Lake Kinneret, Israel’s northernmost and only freshwater lake, has inspired much awe and curiosity throughout the country’s history, and its fortune seems to have become intertwined with those of the people dwelling along its shores.

With a recent and rapid rise in the lake’s water levels, much excitement has been sparked: after almost 20 years of steady decline, two wet winters have given the Kinneret the comeback Israelis have been waiting for.

The lake has risen at a rate of around a half a centimeter per day this spring. It has reached -209.19 cm., just 39 cm. shy of spilling over its banks and flooding Tiberius, according to a report from Israel’s Water Authority on March 25.

Why is the lake’s water level so significant? What is causing the sudden and unexpected rise? And what could be the implications of fully opening the dam for the first time in 26 years?

From an article in The Jerusalem Post Read the rest of the article here

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