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Israeli start-up looks to disrupt US healthcare with Kupat Holim model

Can an Israeli start-up bring a virtual Kupat Holim (sick fund) to the United States and gain a foothold in a $4 trillion a year market?

Tel Aviv-based Antidote Health believes its hybrid digital health and fin-tech solution can help change the rules of the game for an estimated 38 million Americans who currently don’t have any form of medical insurance.

“A belief that guides everything we are doing is that every person is born with a fundamental right to receive proper medical treatment,” says Ben Enosh, the company’s president and chairman. “There is a portion of the US population that doesn’t have private health plans, but don’t have public health plans for people with low income either. We are talking about people in the middle, with household incomes of $17,000 to $55,000 a year, who specifically suffer from the broken system in the US.”

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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