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Jordan pulls plug on Red-Dead water project with Israel

Jordan has decided not to pursue a revival of the highly publicized desalination water project dubbed the “Red-Dead” that had long been considered a symbol of cooperation between the Hashemite Kingdom, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, KAN News reported.

The Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Regional Cooperation have not received any formal notification of Jordan’s decision.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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What is the Red Sea Dead Sea Canal that Jordan renounced? - explainer

The Red Sea Dead Sea Canal (RSDSC), which Jordan decided to opt out of according to reports by KAN Thursday, is one of many options Israel has considered to produce hydroelectricity, desalinate sea water to combat drinking water shortages in the region and renew the water level of the shrinking Dead Sea.

The canal was intended to transfer water from the Gulf of Aqaba into the Dead Sea, through which enough energy would be generated to desalinate water for regions that suffer from chronic fresh water shortages in Jordan and Israel.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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