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Russia looking for Eli Cohen's remains as part of prisoner swap - report

Russian forces have been digging for more than three weeks in the cemetery at the Yarmouk refugee camp.

With most of my groups, I like to tour the Golan Heights and talk about the geo-political situation in the Middle East, as we are looking into Syria.

We always mention one of the most important spies Israel ever had, Eli Cohen, who spied for Israel in Syria and is responsible for lots of valuable information about the military installations in the Golan Heights, thank to him, Israel was able to win the 1967 war.

Eli Cohen was hanged in Syria, and Syria is refusing to return his body to Israel.

We now hear that Russia is actively searching in Syria for the remains of the late Israeli spy Eli Cohen who was executed in 1965, the Arabic digital news site Rai al-Youm reported on Saturday.

The report claims that this effort is part of the recent prison-swap deal between Syria and Israel.

The search for Cohen's remains is reportedly being conducted at the Yarmouk refugee camp cemetery in south Damascus.

Earlier this month, the Russian military launched excavations in a Syrian cemetery at the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus in search of the remains of IDF soldiers who went missing during the First Lebanon War in 1982, Israeli news reported, citing Syrian media. The reports indicated that Russian troops began excavating the site on February 4, presumably searching for DNA samples from grave plots on the site suspected of belonging to Israeli soldiers who have been missing for nearly 40 years.

It is unknown where the remains of Eli Cohen currently are, as the location of the grave was changed several times, with the last one done in total secrecy under the orders of then Syrian president Hafez al-Assad, the Arab media report claimed.

A man who claimed to be the son of the late Syrian president, Khaled al-Assad, contacted Israeli security services in 2019 from his current home in New Zealand and offered to provide Israel with the details of where the remains are for $1m., KAN News reported.

The claims were checked and judged to be fraudulent.

The Mossad was able to retrieve Eli Cohen's wristwatch to Israel in 2018.

With Memorial Day for fallen soldiers coming soon, it is very important to remember Eli Cohen and bring his body back to Israel

From an article in The Jerusalem Post Read the rest of the article here

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