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Tourists will come back, but will Israeli infrastructure survive?

Most of us know that “mea culpa,” which means “through my fault” in Latin, is simply an acknowledgment of one’s fault or error. In the battle over COVID-19, very few politicians or health officials have ever uttered those words.

In the nearly two-year battle, we have seen governments rise and fall, politicians elected and defeated; and, throughout the world, how they battled this insipid virus has been with a clarion call aimed at the masses.

Some countries shut down their borders completely – Australia, and Israel for most of the last two years. The thought was – before there were vaccines – that in this way they could keep corona out.

For some countries, it actually worked. Isolated countries like New Zealand were able to protect their citizens from the ravages of the pandemic and have recorded only 51 deaths. Italy, with a similar population, has recorded 138,000 deaths. The difference is staggering.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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