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Updates about the current conflict between Israel and Gaza - Day 10

The last 24 hours, the fights are still going on. Less to the center of Israel, but we still see rockets being shot at Israel, especially to the cities closer to Gaza, Israel still attacks in Gaza, and rockets are being fired also from Lebanon. The US and the world is pushing Israel to agree to ceasefire, Will the pressure work? Will we have a ceasefire tomorrow (Thursday) morning?

24 hours of Day 10 to the fighting.

Few updates about what is going on towards the end of day 10 of this conflict:

Biden to Netanyahu: 'Wind down' bombardment of Gaza

“I am sure that all the enemies around us see how costly it is to attack us, and I am sure they will learn the lesson," Netanyahu said.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

Read the rest of the article here

Steinitz: IDF must temporarily take over Gaza to disarm Hamas Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, an observer on the security cabinet, called for the IDF to temporarily take over Gaza for a few weeks in order to disarm Hamas, in an interview with Ynet on Wednesday.

"We will have no escape one day from a temporary takeover of Gaza, which has heavy prices," said Steinitz to Ynet. "This day did not come for all sorts of reasons. I think this day will come, if not now, then in the coming years."

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

Read the rest of the article here

Israel must not stop until Hamas is much more damaged - opinion

Nine days into operation “Guardian of the Walls” (“the Sword of Jerusalem in Gaza”), the Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organizations have been significantly damaged by the IDF. The intensity of the Israeli response and the depth of the military intelligence’s penetration into the organization’s lines have surprised them. Hamas has been begging to end the military confrontation for days. As far as Hamas is concerned, it would have preferred to end the confrontation within 24-48 hours. Israel refused

The terrorist organizations in Gaza have already launched more than 3,000 rockets at the civilian population in Israel. They tried to carry out dozens of anti-tank missile attacks on civilian and military targets in Israel near Gaza. In addition, the IDF successfully intercepted dozens of explosive device-carrying UAVs launched against its nearby towns and villages.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

Read the rest of the article here

Some good news, not connected to the conflict: Israel's Eden Alene advances to Eurovision final

Eden Alene, Israel's contest in the Eurovision Song Contest, advanced to the finals on the opening night of the 2021 event, which was held in Rotterdam on Tuesday night.

While there was some concern that the current war would turn Eurovision audiences against Israel, Alene's flawless performance of the song, "Set Me Free," during which she hit the highest note ever achieved in a Eurovision performance, charmed voters. Alene, a rising star and Israel's first representative of Ethiopian descent, managed to contain her disappointment over the postponement of the 2020 contest due to the coronavirus pandemic and conducted herself with quiet grace throughout the year. In addition to her high note, her performance was notable for her dancing and the striking black-and-white Alon Livne costume she sported.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

Read the rest of the article here

We pray and hope for peace over this whole region as soon as possible!

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