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Updates about the current conflict between Israel and Gaza - Day 5

The last 24 hours, there were lots of events going on between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, rockets being shot at Israel, Israel attacks in Gaza, unrest inside mixed cities in Israel and even rockets shot from Lebanon into North Israel.

24 hours of Day 5 to the fighting

Gaza rockets spark civil unrest among Israel's Jews, Arabs

The last six days have also borne witness to something we never saw before in Israel, Arab rioters laying waste to the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Lod and conducting violent rampages in Haifa and Acre.

In the wake of this violence, Jewish mobs have attacked Arab citizens, including severely beating an Arab man in Bat Yam, rock throwing at Arab residents and cars in Lod, and in one incident an Arab citizen was stabbed close to the Mahaneh Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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Lebanon fires rockets at Israel, no injuries reported

Three rockets were fired from Lebanon and landed in the Mediterranean ocean on Thursday night, as rocket barrage continued all day.

According to the IDF, the rockets fell into the Mediterranean sea. Residents of the northern-Israeli town Shlomi heard the sound of the booms.

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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I spent the night in a bomb shelter with my kids

My family moved to Israel for many reasons, but certainly this was not one of them. I do not want such violence to be the reality in Israel; I want peace.

Read this testimony by SHARON WEISS-GREENBERG

From an article in the Jerusalem Post

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Israel keeps up pressure on Hamas with non-stop bombings of Gaza

Watch this short video here

Recent updates from last night

The Israeli Air Force bombed Hamas's underground tunnel network late Thursday night in the northern Gaza Strip in what military officials said was one of the most aggressive aerial assaults' in recent years.

On Friday morning, the IAF intercepted another drone that crossed from the Gaza Strip into Israel, after the Iron Dome missile defense system had downed one the day before.

Rockets continued to pound Israel as the Israel military pummeled Gaza in one of the largest bombardments of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad since the fighting started.

In a 40-minute long air campaign which began around midnight, some 160 aircraft dropped over 450 missiles on 150 targets belonging to a network of tunnels dug by the terror group known as “the Metro” under Gaza city.

Watch this short video here

We pray and hope for peace over this whole region as soon as possible!

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