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Own an authentic piece of history!

This collection tells the incredible story of the discovery of a 2,000-year-old fishing boat from the Sea of Galilee—the very waters where Jesus taught and performed many miracles during his years of ministry. The jewelry features the original wax tubes used in the restoration process of the Jesus Boat, which allows you to own an authentic piece of history and of the boat itself!

"The boat was already a considerable distance from land, shortly before dawn, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake." - Matthew 14:24-25

The Sea of Galilee, also known as Lake Tiberias, has been known throughout history as a spiritual place - especially as it relates to Biblical Scripture.


As the beautiful backdrop to many stories and parables of the Bible, Jesus spent most of the three years of His ministry along the shores of this freshwater lake. From His Sermon on the Mount, where He gave the Blessings of the Beatitudes and first taught the Lord’s Prayer; the Sea of Galilee is also where He performed most of his miracles including where He walked on water (Matthew 14:22-33).

So, when an ancient fishing boat from the 1st century AD was discovered in 1986 on the north-west shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, it’s no surprise that the “Ancient Galilee Boat,” also became known as the “Jesus Boat.” 


Discovered by brothers Moshe and Yuval Lufan, fishermen from Kibbutz Ginnosar, the Jesus Boat is now on display at the Yigal Alon Museum and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

However, before the boat could be properly displayed for the world to view, it needed to be restored as the ancient wood was extremely fragile from its original excavation. The restoration process, which involved submerging the boat into a pool of wax, took a total of 12 years. When the preservation wax was extracted from the boat,  the wax also removed pieces of wood and material from the boat dating back to the time of Jesus more than 2,000 years ago. When the boat was ready to go on display, the Israel Antiquities Authority granted the rights to this waxy preservation material to the brothers, and called it the "Connective Element."


The Connective Element remained a much kept secret until 2017, when the brothers partnered with a group of like-minded individuals who understood the remains of the boat to be of tremendous historical importance to Jews and Christians alike. Together they created the Jesus Boat Legacy - a partnership dedicated to spreading the Jesus Boat story and providing a unique opportunity for people more closely connected to their faith.


The Connective Element has been preserved and set into a timeless jewelry collection where you can feel instantly connected to the time of Jesus. Each piece of jewelry is designed and crafted by some of the best artists around the Sea of Galilee with a certification of authenticity as only a limited amount of the Connective Element is available.

Boat was found

"A boat was found"
The full story of finding the boat on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

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