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Ancient 2000 years old Jesus boat

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

"The boat was already a considerable distance from land, shortly before dawn, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake" - Matthew 14:24-25

The Sea of Galilee also called Lake Tiberius and in ancient times Sea of Kinneret, is an almost magical place that throughout history has inspired all those that have come into contact with it. Especially those looking to connect with Biblical History in which the Sea has played such an immense part.

The Sea of Galilee is especially well known to Christians because it was the scene of many episodes in the life of Jesus, including his Sermon on the Mount, at which he first gave the blessings of the Beatitudes and first taught the Lord’s Prayer.

Jesus spent most of the three years of His ministry along the shores of this freshwater lake. Here He gave more than half of His parables and here He performed most of his miracles including the miracle described in Matthew 14:22-33 ,"Jesus Walks on the Water"

Since its discovery by the brother Lufen in 1986, the "Sea of Galilee Boat", commonly referred to as the "Jesus Boat" has become intricately tied to the history of the Sea of Galilee and that of the Bible.

This is how the boat was found in 1986, at the shores of the Sea of Galilee

About the boat itself and its importance

When the boat was discovered it needed to be restored before this amazing discovery could be shared with the world.

The restoration took 12 years, during which time the preservation substance was imbued with pieces of wood and material dating back 2000 years to the time of Jesus.

When the boat was ready to go on display, the Israel Antiquities Authority granted the rights to the preservation material to the brothers.

The Connective Element remained very much a secret until 2017. This is when they partnered with a group of people who like them were inspired by the Sea and the story of the boat.

Together they created the Jesus Boat Legacy. A partnership dedicated to spreading the Jesus Boat story and providing a unique opportunity for people to connect with Biblical history.

By creating a range of unique Christian jewelry and products that contain the Connective Element, everyone can feel close to the history of the Bible.

Now you can wear or own an item containing authentic material from the Jesus Boat, The Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee as it was two thousand years ago during the time of Jesus.

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