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Did Israel develop a possible cure for Covid-19? News and updates about Covid-19 related issues

This last year, since the beginning of March 2020, was very hard on us here in Israel and on the entire world, especially in the field of tourism, and we all want to know when is this going to end? Is there any developments with issues related to Covid-19?

Since the worlds started using vaccines from different sources, the hope of the entire world is that this will enable us all to resume our normal life again, but there are big differences between countries around the world as to how fast they vaccine their people.

Israel is on the leading edge of the vaccination process world wide. Here is an announcement from the Israel Ministry of Tourism office about that:

Israel has now administered 5.3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine which is more than 60% of its population, 30% if the people have already received the second shot.

The recent data shows that among those who have been vaccinated, infection rates have dropped significantly which means the vaccination campaign is working and Israel could flatten the infection curb soon. We are tracking the developments closely.

On top of that, great news were received from one of the biggest hospitals in Israel.

New Israeli drug cured 29 of 30 moderate/serious COVID cases in days — says a hospital in Israel

Medicine developed at Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv moderates immune response, helps prevent deadly cytokine storm, researchers say; 29 of 30 phase 1 trial patients left hospital within 3-5 days

A new coronavirus treatment being developed at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center has successfully completed phase 1 trials and appears to have helped numerous moderate-to-serious cases of COVID-19 quickly recover from the disease, the hospital said Friday.

“The preparation is inhaled once a day for a few minutes, for five days,” Arber said. “The preparation is directed straight to the heart of the storm — the lungs — so unlike other formulas… which selectively restrain a certain cytokine, or operate widely but cause many serious side effects, EXO-CD24 is administered locally, works broadly and without side effects.” From an article in The Times of Israel Post Read the rest of the article here

What a great discovery, Israel is at the top of scientific discoveries, and we are here to bring them all to you !

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