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Anti-Semitic comments discovered on the Auschwitz Google Maps site

Google Maps was slammed by campaigners for these unmoderated comments.

The Google Maps site for Auschwitz is under review after British newspaper The Guardian discovered there were more than 150 anti-Semitic reviews of the death camps, according to a report by Algemeiner.

However, the majority of these comments remained online 24 hours after they were reported to Google by The Guardian.

The comments discovered, many of which were anonymous, included phrases such as "Heil Hitler" and “Showers were a great experience, Anne Frankly I’m glad I came.” These comments had apparently been left on the site for months and even years.

With Holocaust Memorial day coming soon (Coming Thursday, April 8), we can't let this go without mentioning, Anti-Semitism is still out there.

From an article in The Jerusalem Post Read the rest of the article here

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