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The Roman Empire is recognized for having built a great civilization, with renowned artistic and technological achievements. At its peak, Rome had conquered and controlled the entire area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Israel of today.


The Romans began and oversaw the industrialization of glass-making in and around Jerusalem more than 2000 years ago. Largely due to its strategic location (and an abundance of sand) along the Mediterranean coast, Israel served as a major glass-making center.


Glass was used primarily for the production of vessels, although mosaic tiles and window glass were also produced. During archeological excavations in modern-day Israel, pieces of this glass were found. Unique pieces of ancient glass have been transformed into some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry.

The glass in this jewelry began life as a household vase, water jug, or temple vessel. It belonged to someone. It was used and perhaps even treasured. There is genuine history and a unique story behind each piece.


While intact excavated vases are displayed in museums, the broken shards and fragments we find, having rested undisturbed for centuries, still bear the marks of their former lives and have also been transformed by the very earth in which they have slumbered.


After the glass fragments are carefully collected and expertly cleaned, the process of giving them new life begins. Each piece is individually shaped and carefully placed in the finest hand-crafted sterling silver or 9K gold setting by skilled artisans.


Roman Glass Jewelry is designed and created to be handed down from generation to generation - continuing the legacy and story of the ancient glass for centuries to come. The quality of material and workmanship that goes into every piece is world-class.


The "patina" (exquisite surface coloring) has been created by chemical interactions between the buried glass and the mineral-rich soil found throughout Israel. After centuries of being buried, a thin layer of patina is formed on the glass. This process of oxidation creates various shades of blues and greens, purples, and even some pinks. As the exact coloration depends on the minerals and conditions to which the glass has been exposed, each piece is truly unique, no piece is alike.

Those lucky enough to own a piece of precious Roman Glass Jewelry that has been reborn as a necklace, pendant, earring, or ring are literally wearing a small piece of 2000-year-old history.

Technical details:

  • Set of 2 items: 925 sterling silver with Roman glass bracelet and earrings
  • Pendant length - 7.5 inch (19 cm)
  • Pendant weight – 0.041 lb (18.8 grams)
  • The photos are only so you can get a sense of the piece. Each piece might look different since there are no two pieces of Roman Glass that are the same.


* This set has a pecial sale: an additonal 10% discount when you buy both the bracelt and the earrings (on top of the already existing 30% off) and an upgrade to an express shipping at no addtional cost, so we will make sure you will get it for Valentine's day


* Each item will be supplied in a box containing its unique authenticity card

* Care instructions for Roman glass items: Immersion in water may harm the natural patina, so it is highly recommended that it will be removed prior to bathing or swimming. Don't let chemicals sit on your necklace.

Continue the legacy and story of the ancient glass when you wear a piece of Jewelry from our collection. Get it now for you or for these you love.

Set of Roman Glass bracelet and Earrings on Sale, 925 sterling silver, Small

SKU: RG - SET - 4
  • We offer free shipping for purchases over 50 US$. When you buy from our cheaper collection of items, it is recommended to get 2-3 items together so you can reach the 50 US$ and get the free shipping

    This is a special offer for Valentine's day, you will get an additional 10% discount (on top of our existing 30% off) and we will upgrade the shipping to an express shipping at no additional cost.

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